Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Man MK2

Thanks to Sarah & Anna for these pics. I didn't pull my camera out of my backpack the whole week. Luckily these gals made sure our trip was well documented.

The Line Up @ the Gate

Kitchen Shift

Anna ready for the night...



Metal & Wood & Fire

Hot on the Playa

Bike Porn

Anna getting her burn on...

Freaking Out

Outpost 8 Art Car

Sarah Morning Dancing

Hanging with J&J


What happens on the playa stays on the playa...


Backlit Tree

J Squared Dancing in the Wind

Flame On

Playa Bike Gang

Sound Dome


AM bum shaking

Art Car Backlit

Clever Chimp

lone biker

Our Neighbourhood

Portable KId's Art Show

Jo-Ann in Red

Jeff BMX Mad Max


Dance Floor @ Sunrise